Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Beautiful evening at Miky's Restaurant and ..... beyond!!!

September 16,2012

After we all got back from the hike and rested a bit, we put on our pretty clothes and went out together for an extravagant dinner at Miky's restaurant.  WHAT a wonderful place that is!  I highly recommend it, not only for the exquisite food but for the ambiance as well.
If you have the time, you really should check out the link above for the restaurant. Amazing pics of the restaurant itself and some of the food preps.  Every dish was unique with unbelievable presentation.  It was I said: Ambiance!! inside so my pics aren't great but I did try to get an image of what everyone ordered.  So. Much. Food!!!! and wine?? Well, lemme just say it was a real fave for all of us!
I cannot even begin to remember WHAT everything was...just gonna show you some pics!
selections of fresh fish to choose from

I eventually lost track of time...we were probably  there for 3 hrs and it flew by.  Such a magical evening shared with so many new friends.....and one old one!!!
So, most of the girls were tired and went back to the hotel but you know there are always a few who just wanna P-A-R-T-Y!!!    um...that would be Lisa, Lenora, Mary Ellen, Jerri, Cindy and MOI!!
We went a few doors down to a sweet lil bar that was actually in ownership with the restaurant. Lenora had become blogging buddies with one of the partners, who is american. La Cantina di Miky.  You can read about her here and her blog.
Needless to say, we had SO much more fun!  We laughed and told stories and stayed WAAAAAY too late. As we're walking back to our hotel, we notice a girl riding her bike very fast to get past us...and not notice her.  We laugh and laugh until we get back to hotel and realize we're locked out!! That was our little girl from the hotel who was staying there to let us in but just couldn't stay as long as we were gone. She didn't want us to see her cuz we would have been hollering and hollering for her to come back to let us in.....and we find this on the door
only we didn't see this until after we had screamed at one of our other buddies who was asleep in her rooftop room.....YIKES....she was not happy with us.
.....and we laughed and laughed some more!!
Great night!


A scene from a day trip to Bevagna.........

Have spent some time remembering the greatest trip of my life and realizing that I MUST finish my writings in order to get a travel book published, making sure I never lose any of these thoughts and images. (sorry, blogger, but we never know when our stuff will go poof* into the cyber world!)
So, today I want to try to finish out my recordings from this trip.....fingers crossed!!