Monday, January 7, 2013's about time..... get back here and finish the stories about my Italian adventure......took long enough, eh?  I better hurry and get it done before we take off on another adventure!!!!  Sailing thru the British Virgin Islands ..............heaven, I tell ya!!

So.........last I told you about was the trip to Cortona and the farmhouse dinner.  On the next m

orning, October 18th, I was up and at 'em by 7am to meet Andrea at Franca's for our day trip to Norcia, Castellucaio and to Visso.  Franca, our resident cook, hostess and tour driver was driving us this day.
Since Andrea was trying to practice her new language skills, she sat in front with franca so they could converse.  When Franca and I ta
lked, it was mostly with hand gestures! But I was exhausted from the last weeks activities and was happy to just sit in back and look out the window!  The Italian countryside is exquisite.  All of it.  Every place I went was just beautiful.

After an hour and 45 min drive thru the landscapes, we arrived in the city of Norcia. A lovely old town made up of, of course, a piazza and church.  This is also home of the benedictine monks and monastery. Norcia is famed for their wild boar meats too.


 a little shopping in a way cool shop and picked up some way cool orange boots! after some sightseeing and shopping on a cold morning, this is always a welcome sight!
that's 8 cup expresso maker!   (having lots of trouble with blogger,,,back for more later)

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  1. Love your photos...I could really use that 8 cup espresso machine right least I need those 8 cups.

    So you are heading to the British Virgin Islands, next? With Capn' on Bleu Bayou? Sounds like a wonderful adventure.