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Good Morning Pisa!

September 19,2012
We were up and out of La Collonina by 8:30 am.  Such a lovely place.  Will definitely stay there again if I find myself in Monterossa again.   We took the train to Pisa, where we stowed our bags in storage at the train station.  Our trip to Lucca wasn't until later in the day so we took this opportunity to walk around Pisa.
And walk we did!!!  Got just a wee bit lost and it took us quite a while to make it to the Leaning Tower.  And it was raining. (last time I was in Pisa, it rained as well)  But we were really lucky because this was the first day of anything other than blue skiies and sunshine since we arrived.
The town of Pisa is rather dull in color compared to the coastal cities we'd just been in.
Soon we came upon the Arno river. It is the most important river of central Italy after the Tiber
After about 45 min of walking, we finally came to the gates of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
But in usual "tourist" fashion, we decided to have lunch before going in.  Pouring rain and we hoped while  eating lunch that it would stop a bit.

We continued to have so much fun each time we gathered arund the table with good food.

Still raining but we had full bellies and the tower awaited us!
Soon, everyone had taken all the pics they needed and had done a bit of souvenir shopping and it was time to get back to the train station to catch our ride to LUCCA!
The ride was only about 30-45 min and once there, a driver picked us up at train station to take us to our B&B for the next 3 days, which was nice after all the rigamarole we encountered in Pisa getting around!
still raining and waiting for car to come get us. Little did I know at this point, that the one travel bag I'd brought would become like an extra limb of my very good at lifting, dragging, pushing and pulling it everywhere I went for the next 5 weeks!

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