Wednesday, July 16, 2014


As I close out this blog and send to publish, I smile with chuckles in my heart!  Best Trip Ever!

1) Accomplishment!  I traveled abroad for 6 weeks ALONE and realized that I can do anything!  Stepping outside of my box and looking at the unknown, a feat in itself.

2) Learning!  I learned so much about myself. About another culture. About people. That there IS a life outside of my usual life, albeit so different, that is just as cherished as what I know, day to day, at home!

3) Friendship!  Made so many new friends that I still stay in contact with today. But most importantly, my friendship with Lisa.  For her to pick up and leave her husband and young children to come spend 14 days with me in a land so foreign to us, really made me realize how close our bond is!  We've been many places together but this trip was such an adventure and so much fun.  How cool to experience this with someone who I can so easily call my BFF.....Best Friend Forever!!
she also gifted me with the most awesome jounal/notebook for travel that I've ever seen.  Cannot tell you how many times I referred to, wrote in, stuck stuff in and re-read this book.  Still do!  And the fact that she made it for me was the icing on the cake!

(saved all the wine labels from bottles we enjoyed...also a gift from her - Wine Label Lifters!!)
  1. Definition of arrivederci (interj)

    Bing Dictionary
    • ar·ri·ve·der·ci
    • [ àrrivə dérchee ]
    1. goodbye: goodbye for now

Notice in the definition.....goodbye FOR NOW
Hopefully, I'll be back someday!

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