Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 3 in Lucca......and our last....:(

September 21, 2012

After breakfast of cappucino and croissants this morning, Lisa and I took off to find a post office.  HA!  I kinda had alot of stuff I needed to ship home cuz there was no way it was going on a plane!  As we meandered thru the streets, we came across street markets and gorgeous shops....did I mention how super duper cool the shopping is in this sweet town?  Oh yeah!!!!  Loved this lil lady selling her solid olive wood wares.

We finally found a post office and OMG!!!!  Not one single person in there spoke one word of English.  If you can get a mental image of one gal from the deep south and one gal from the PNW trying to explain that we needed boxes and shipping for a whole lotta stuff.....with our hands...??? then you're prolly laughing your arses off right now!!  I think we were in there for over 2 hours but finally, because of Lisa's brilliant organizational skills...we got it done.  And I had no idea if we even sent it to the right place!!
We needed BIRRA!!  beer.
We found a sweet outside cafe 
where we had fresh vegetable sandwiches and cold birra!
By this time, we were pretty tired.....we were on the 10th day on non-stop go.  Eating non stop and drinking non stop and laughing....well, that NEVER stopped.  We were pooped!
Chilled all afternoon and then we all met for dinner one last time.
Gli Orti di via Elisa
Via Elisa, 17, 55100 Lucca, Italy
Beef Carpacio
Fresh veggie and fruit compote
Molten cake with Puccini's pic on top!

I had so many more dishes here too....we all swapped and tasted each other's.  And I will have you know that I ordered my entire meal ONLY in Italian!!!!!  Even video'd it on my phone.  Highlarious, I tell ya!
Italian with a southern coonass twang!!!  hahahaha.....waiter even told me "Brava"!!! (wink a bit of sarcasm in his voice!
SEPT 14-21, 2014
Back to B&B to pack.....Going to Vicopisano tomorrow!

on our walk back from the restaurant on this final night with the girls...

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