Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More pics of Vicopisano apt..

outside facade on street side.  All of these places are a bit like the lake...from the street side? not so much....but ride around and look at it from the back side??? beautiful gardens and landscapes.
steps up to apt.  I think marie said there are 37...but not to fear, I've become a pro at hauling and lifting luggage.  Thank you mr. pilates man!!
the wall looking into my bedroom
writing desk area...notice my clothes drying on rack she provided us...yep, been washing clothes like an italian woman...!!!
travelin' buddha that my daughter in laws gave me before I left! he has sat in every window since I arrived!
this is the view from my bedroom window each night...the moon lulls me to sleep
and this is the view I wake up to!!
And what is THE most unbelievable thing?  This apt is costing less per night than the Hampton Inn room Lisa had to reserve for her layover in Atlanta on the way home....I'm just sayin....!
I think I've mentioned here before that I get a note from the Tut's Universe each day. My notes have been pretty spot on lately.  This one came today!!

Janey, without a doubt, right here and now, as you read these very words with eyes that sparkle, this golden day, amid your dancing manifestations in a perfect world on an emerald planet while your heart beats, your blood flows, and angels peer over your shoulder, I think you just might be the "luckiest" person alive.

The Universe


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  1. ooooh wow to it all! Pics are gorge, love the buddha with you, and the note is amazingly spot on! :)