Sunday, September 30, 2012


Now, this is just the food in Monsummano Terme.  Only two nights ..... but man, oh man..........well since I also hadn't eaten a night meal the previous 4 nights....don't know if I was just starving or it was just THAT good.  It was THAT good.  And scusi the pics battery had run down in the good camera so this was my little one.  No to my was not the wine causing the blurriness!
Chitarra fresh home made pasta with guinea fowl sauce!
Fillet of beef with red wine sauce and the BEST spinach I've ever tasted.
chocolate mouse!
Next night!

Fagottini meat pasta's bundles with black truffle.....I'm not even lying, could eat this everyday!
Sea bass filled with fresh tomatoes and olives
Vanilla yogurt (home made) with fresh fig sauce!
 I'm just sayin.......!!
I've now been in San Gimignano for two days and completely fallen in love with another town....the town of towers.  See if this rings a bell...scusi the pun....but in ancient times each family would try to outdo the other families by bldging the highest tower....then someone else would come along and build even taller.  You should have seen me trying to explain to the priest after mass this morning that we call that "keepin' up with the jone'es"  back in Texas!! Led to some interesing conversation!
There used to be 72 towers but now there are only 14 remaining.  And my ass has been up almost all of them today  Have to be later on that tale....tomorrow is a travel day to Assisi by way of bus, and two no likey buses and trains..
Later taters!

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