Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday morn....

My buddy, lisa, left for home this morning and I'm a leetle weepy.....not only because she has gone home but also because we live so far away from each other, it will prolly be another whole year before I see her again.  Man, oh man........can we ever fit some Good Times into a short period of time!  I literally have laughed so hard that my belly is sore.  Last night, we went down to the garden of the apt to enjoy some wine on our last evening together.  But to get to garden, you have to walk down the street, around the corner and back up the back road.  So off we trek with notebook (to record funny things said during trip) camera (always) and the proverbial open wine bottle and glasses.  Also "I" couldn't get the key to work in the gate so the sweetest neighbor who is about 88 with bright red hair and a neck brace came out to unlock it for us...while we are laughing so hard....only to be told later that townspeople do not walk around with open wine bottles or try to break locks into backyard gates!!!!  And of course, we thought that was hilarious!!

So, as I spend some downtime today and try to catch up on this blog...I wish my very dear friend safe travels home and a great big THANK YOU to her and to her family for sharing a time in my life that I will never forget!!
Lisa, Lorenzo, Marie and moi on our cooking class day!

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