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Bevagna and Spello!

Bevagna and Spello! 10-5-12

This was a very cool day! Joined Anne's tour group today......hey! she provides transportation and this is huge around here. think there were 7 or 8 of us. This is where I met billie and dawn....fun ladies!  Our first stop was Bevagna, but along the way, we saw many things....                                                    

a shrine with a  copy of Rafael's Lady of the Chair...just want to show you the beauty and intricacy in this side of the road place to worship...
Beautiful!!  and isn't that the fattest baby ever??
Next, we came upon the shrine to St. Francis where he spoke to the animals..
Anne read to us the whole passage that is written in stone under the altar...I'm going to make a synopsis of what it said.....she's gonna kill me because she is a stipler for details of history...sorry, anna!
"the birds gathered and Francesco said to them..Sister Birds, the Lord has given you fields of green to feed in and mountains to protect you and fresh springs to quench your thirst.  All flew off to the four corners of the world to preach his word, just as Francesco had done."
a mental image I will keep in my mind for those rainy, winter days ahead!
a fave butcher shop where we were treated to a tasting of meats and cheeses
rosie with her plate of wonderfulness!
be still my heart....while the rows and rows of Pecorino cheese call my name! Had to bring a bit of this back to apt.  Umbria is the home of pecorino perfection!
also visited a frescoed theatre that dates back to 1886. Absolutely gorgeous
loved this......while walking down street, I noticed the "old man" chairs......they have even put their names onto their own chairs!!
Also, saw a mailman and asked him to mail the postcards that the grandbabies received!
An image from the gates entering Bevagna....a reflection..
  Anne is very knowledgeable of all the history of these towns so it's nice to hear her stories. We saw a beautiful theatre....we visited a place where a home of those times was rebuilt and re-enacted to give us a view of what it may have been like.

   Next, on to Spello....ok...may I just tell you that this was a day of perfection. Let me set the scene for you; a very cool wine restaurant with a table set outside for us, with no less than 4 wine glasses set at each place. You see where I'm going here, right? The sun is out and we're under the shade of a terrace, slight breeze blowing and the air smells crisp and clean. The table is round so it's easy to talk to everyone. Magically, Roberto and Lucca, his son, appear.........and OMG....may I just say they are both beautiful in the most masculine way! They are the wine connoiseurs and owners. First, comes out a plate of bruschetta of 4 or 5 different varieties.....and a wine to match. Now, these are full servings of each wine, not just a taste. Next, comes a white lentil soup....with a wine to match. Next, the freshest salad with fresh mozzarella, of course, and a piece of tuna.....with a wine to match. Finally, a dessert of different cakes....with a dessert wine to match. And with each course, Lucca is describing each wine and showing us how to swirl, smell and taste. No spitting allowed! It was all swallowed down.....which leads to everyone getting just a wee bit tipsy and having a ball!! Roberto even brought out an extra bottle for us to try--it was the same wine that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones had for their wedding reception. Oh.........and I forgot all about the olive oil!! They make their own and we tasted that as well. What can I say?? A whole afternoon of gorgeous food, delicious wine and stemware of every different size and shape?? Like I said....a day of perfection!  Let the pics begin.....

how much in heaven do I think I was when I saw all this stemware???
name of the place
MY place setting
learning to swirl and sniff from roberto!
and of course, taste!
and smile!
first to watch the olive oil be poured!
then taste!!
first the bruschetta....white and black truffle! pesto and tomato
then, a white lentil soup
and the salad....notice the balsamic being dripped on.....rachel, you would love it!
First, bianco.....all the next ones were red...mmmmmm!
Yep!!  we drank all of these...and a few more!!
Father and Son........a spectacular team!
and if you think this is just a wine and olive oil cellar?? Oh no! They also make skin products made with their olive oil!
On our walk thru town, the "men who sit" asked us to take a pic with them!!
Whew!!!   What a fun day!!!

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