Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mass at St. Francis Assisi Basilica! Oct.7

Yesterday, Saturday, was spent washing some clothes, finding a closer internet hotspot, finding the best place to buy bus tickets to Siena. Made breakfast in apt.....scrambled eggs!!! these people don't eat many eggs...all I've seen so far are hard boiled so it was a treat to have some good ol' home scrambled eggs, minus the tony chachere, of course. :( Went out to see the Minerva temple which is a very cool roman building with architecture that you just don't see anymore. Will do more research on this when I can........Inside was beautiful. Also checked on a play I would like to see while here.
Sunday, Oct 7
Mass at the basilica at 10;30. Wow. All I can say. I just remember watching midnight mass on Christmas eve when I was a little girl and the pope said it? That's what I felt like this morning...of course, the Pope wasn't there but the massiveness of this church and the people and the Italian music.....this was the first time I'd been inside this church so you can just imagine my awe!
You see this sign?  They are not kidding......they mean no take-a no pictures-o!  That means, ms.jmac don't even think you're gonna try to sneak some in.....nada.  Ain't happening!
a musical concert they were preparing for in the lower part, which I went to!
a statue that I need to do research on that was on the front lawn
Molta Bellisimo!
  I was lucky enough to communicate enough with one of the friars to make arrangements to have mass offered up for some of my friends.....I think that will be a souvenir worth its weight in gold for these buddies! After mass, I went to the lower basilica and visited the tomb of St Francis.
 Walked all thru the church, admiring the frescoes and just the pureness of it all. Great experience. Afterwards, walked the grounds.........seems like everything has meaning here........guess that's why its such a religious place. But not just for catholics........for all people who have faith.
Then, I walked down the path and had lunch at the Ristorante San Francesco.
 Thought it would be a cheesy touristy place but man, oh man...............did I ever have some good food there. Duck breasts in balsamic vinegar and spinach cakes floating in a three cheese fondue!!!
 And as I told my daughter in law............if Jesus didn't come visit me in that church earlier, then He sure as h*ll came to my dessert plate!! You'll see from the pics!
Frozen chocolate mousse stuffed with a chocolate filling, surrounded by fresh mango and pomengranate fruit and syrup....accompanied with caffe gellato!!!!!  A serious religious experience there!!
After lunch walked down to the main piazza to watch the people.....and walk off that lunch!

In two weeks, these mountains will be orange and gold!
for Lisa!
the cafe where I often sit in the Piazza to watch the people!
 Saw two of the girls from one of the previous tour days and we sat for awhile to talk about all of our experiences so far. It started to get a lil cloudy so I headed back home and read about Siena, which is my next adventure! Cooked some pasta for dinner with cheese while the rain drops hit the skylights and listened to music. A wonderful day today!

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