Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rural Tour...part due!


The next place we go to is Chiarina's.....more history with she and anne. Again, not a word of English but so happy to have us at her home. These women don't get wrinkles....I swear, they work constantly outside....and their skin, except for working woman's hands, is as smooth as it can be!

her bread house!
this spoke of age to me...corn drying, work shoes, a can of tar....
she was showing us her homemade broom and when we started taking pics....she LOVED it! (notice her view thru the hole in the trees!)
on  her patio table....begonias and fresh eggs!
she even has a gnome looking out over the flour....MARY GNOME-this one's just for you!!
she opened her barn door and cracked up laughing because we were taking pics of her onions and garlic!
and her grapes!
and her curing meats!!
Very good friends!
And then, there is Peppe and Gentile's house. Peppe....oh Peppe! He was a funny....and HE LOVES WOMEN!!! He loves his sweet wife and they have been together forever, but he does love having women at his house! He immediately went to everyone of us and gave us kisses and hugs. He even got one of the girls up on his terrace and got him a handful of boobies!!! His wife thought that was about the funniest thing she'd ever seen...hhahahahaha...I will never forget the look on Linda's husband's face! He was supposed to be taking pictures and didn't know whether to get the shot or go be the hero and save his wife!!! He got the shot!!! hahahahahahaha Once again, this is a working farm and believe me, they work. Sweet Gentile is in so much pain all the time and hardly leaves her home anymore, but she did get someone to help her down the steps so we could take pics of she and Pepe together. So sweet. Man, oh man...........this kinda stuff really makes you think about the kind of life you live....
No way the pictures can truly show the real story but here goes a try....

his sweet wife, Gentile
one variety of his grapes
and another
the grape harvest in Italy has not been good this yr because of all the very dry weather they've had. Hardly any rain. The wines will be more expensive this yr and there won't be as much quality.
Not at Peppe's house!
loved the light on this image!
after his free feel!!
The love of his life and his grapes!!
as we're driving out of his driveway.....magnificento!!
Finally, to end the day, we got to Olga and Americo's house where she has prepared a feast for all of us in her home. She cooks for the monks often and is used to cooking. Alot. A whole lot! Let's see....there was antipasta of hogshead cheese, sausage, boar liver, fritata, hush puppy-like bread, pancetta. then, of course, a big heaping of butter/sage pasta. Stuffed pork loin, roast goose with roasted potatoes, some spinach like greens (have to find out the name). Then, the best pecorino cheese ever...and finally, cakes and cakes and cakes. WHEW! And every single bit of it came from their farm....grown and harvested by them.

olga busy in the kitchen
Americo played the accordian of may music for us, while Olga just beamed!
and we clapped and laughed the night away!
There are very few licensed wild boar hunters but Americo is one of the few. He also carves his guns and was very proud to show us....oh, and no one is supposed to be told where the key to his gun cabinet is!
This, my friends, will be a day I never forget. Ever. The earnestness and realness of these people is surreal....such a pleasure to be around such love for their families and for their land. They know nothing of the conveniences that we all have and often, abuse. Yet; they want for nothing except a dinner table filled with family, food and love. It humbles me.


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  1. The carving on his gun is so beautiful! Maybe this can be your next project...carve the guns of your men... Hmmm???