Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Blues" night at Franca's!

On the night after I got back from Siena, Franca.....the sweetest and BEST cook in all of Assisi, hosted a Blues Night at her cafe. Her place, Fontanella's, is where I always went to hook up to the internet.....and to eat her food!  I got the call that the big party would be on Friday night and to be there!  So I was............and what a hoot that night was!  Several people who toured with Anne that day came and lotsa Franca's buddies and Andrea and I walked over after aperitivo and aperol spritz and wine in the piazza.
so funny....these people love potato chips...every time you sit down to a glass of wine in the late afternoon, they bring you potato chips to munch on. Not nuts or chips and salsa..just potato chips, plain.  That just seemed so funny to me....
notice Italian phone.....another story for another day!
 First, there was the food...of course, everything in Italy begins with the food.  Plates and plates of pasta and lots and lots of vino...fried squash flowers, bruschetta, eggplant, mushrooms, pasta with fresh basil sauce.........
Andrea digging in!
as lots of others did!
Are you with me here??  An Italian Blues band?? Crazy, I tell ya!
this guy was awesome on that harmonica
singing and dancing ensued!
and at the end of the night, the band members and some of the people I met, signed the poster for me to take home!!
Very fun night!!!