Monday, November 5, 2012

Siena.....parte seconda!

Next morning, I'm up early to see a sunny sky.  Grab the free breakfast in the hotel....cappucino, of course and pastry with pancetta and cheese (gotta get one of those cappucino makers!).  First stop was the church of San Domenico where I learned all about St. Catherine....very interesting. Not to mention how gorgeous that church was even tho the actual head of St. Catherine is on display there!
not this statue that is outside the smaller chapel, but the real, not-live preserved head!
All of this day was spent walking thru museums, art galleries and my own pace, staying in one place or ten places for however long I wanted to!  Traveling alone is really nice when it comes to making decisions about what to do, how to do it and when to just chill!
and by chill..........I mean shop!!  I may or may not have bought an Italian handbag(that's what they call them there!) at this wonderful shop!
porcino mushrooms stacked outside the pizzaria where I had lunch...
mushroom, ricotta and spinach stuffed ravioli!  Yum!
an art gallery, where I may or may not have found the sweetest lil painting!
fresh fruit stands at every corner...
street scenes that always took my breath away
awesome pink vespa in the middle of red and black ones!
aperitivo olives that were HUGE and not pickled....they were sort of bland with a salty good. I ate all of these!
It was a very nice day and by sunset, I felt like I had seen most all of the town of Siena....and shopped it too!!!  I slowly walked back to my room, stopping to have one lil glass of prosecco with some people I had met during the day...listened to stories, understanding some of the Italian and just smiling when I didn't!


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