Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dinner at the Farmhouse!

Got back from Cortona about 7pm and had to run to piazza to meet Paola, the cab driver who was picking me and about 8 others up to make the drive to Anne and Pino's farmhouse up on the mountain.  They were so sweet to cook for us and make us feel like we were part of a real Italian family.  There was so much food and lots of stories and laughter.  With dots and dashes of Italain history and culture and folklore thrown in... by ms. anne, who is a master of facts about her country.  She is American but met her sweet Pino, while visiting Italy as a young girl..........and never went back!
a fritata of some sort!  I never really knew anything we were eating the whole time I was in Italy, unless it was pasta, of course!  This was delish!
fantastic homemade cheese
Anne, her son and Pino- her husband, cooking their lil hearts out for us! Pino fried fresh anchovies cannot believe how good fresh anchovies are!!!
I didn't even get pics of the main meal....cuz we were so busy eating it!
Salute.....cheers....clink, a very lovely family and gracious hosts!



  1. FINALLY...a moment to catch up with your photos and commentary. Oh, how I wish I had been with you (except for all that bunions would have been screaming!). You definitely had the adventure of a lifetime! I love the layers of color on Bramasole...the photography in the moving did not capture it like you did...At one time, I had thought to paint my house in this manner...but the HOA was totally against me doing any of my "crazy" ideas...the bottle tree was allowed, because it was in the back...

    I'll try to keep up with you...