Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quiet Weekend...

October 13&14
After last night at Franca's and the trip to Siena, I needed rest., I did.  Saturday was raining and a perfect day to stay in....sleep a little later than usual, catch up on my note taking....I even made myself some scrambled eggs.  Been forever since I'd had eggs!!  By early afternoon, I made my way over to the lil B&B that was close to apt to get online.  I found this place a week or so ago and fell in love with "grandma"!  It's a family run hotel/restaurant and if you buy a cappucino or a glass of wine, they have no problem with you using their wi-fi.  But once I got to know them and could communicate thru hand gestures, a little bit of Italian and hugs and kisses....we became best friends.  Often, I would sit on the bench outside the lil pizzaria and wait for grandma to arrive.  She came every single day to greet the patrons and order her great grandsons around, who were the waiters.  Every day, they would walk her to the cafe, with her arms wrapped in both boy's arms.  These boys were prolly 17-18.  They would laugh and laugh and she would talk about their clothes and their hair......but there was so much love and respect there. I actually loved this part of the day when I went by there.  Often, she would sit with me out on the bench and talk and talk and talk and I would nod my head, not understanding anything she said, but it didn't matter.  I acted like I knew and that was all she really needed.  I'm sick that I didn't get a picture of her, or her and I, or even just the lil cafe.
(pics courtesy of trip advisor)
Nor did I make the time to go by and tell her goodbye before I left, which makes me sick as well...but I do have their email link and have sent her a note. Hopefully, one of her grandsons will read it to her.
This was the last thing we ate together.....she just brought it to me to taste.  Still have no idea what it was but man, oh man.........was it ever good!!
Spent the rest of the afternoon just walking thru the town, still finding new things that I hadn't seen before.  Andrea and I went to LaLanterna, for dinner and it was such a nice evening.  Amazing how quickly we connected and learned the things we had in common........execpt our political views! But immediately, we decided to not mention anything political at all and chose to just wait till the election to call each other the day after! 
Caprese salad and tiramisu..........perfecto combo!


  1. A few years ago, we had dinner at La Lanterna and it was great. Last year, I totally felt that I had been ripped off and the meal was lousy. So bad, I wrote to TripAdvisor.